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Cholistan Drought Relief

Cholistan is facing the worst recorded drought in recent years as many parts of the deserted region are experiencing consecutive drought conditions.

Making matters worse, the region is suffering from consecutive years of below-average rainfall deficits, hence, agricultural yields and pastoral activities have been severely compromised.

Thousands of families are facing water scarcity as most of the water points have dried up forcing the local population to consume water from unsafe sources.

Responding to the emergency situation, Ummah Welfare Trust Pak launched the Drought Relief initiative by supplying drinking water to drought-affected communities.

180,000 Liters of water have been supplied through water tankers to Qilla Darawar, Toba Azeem Wala, Toba Khanga, and Toba Tarwala in the Cholistan region of Punjab, Alhamdulillah

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