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Click Here to download Daily Adhkar (PDF)

Alhamdulillah, Ummah Welfare Trust has published a new book, called ‘Daily Adhkaar’ which gives guidance on how to remember Allah in the manner shown to us by our beloved Messenger SallAllahu ‘alayhi wasallam.

The book contains invaluable supplications and remembrances to be recited in the morning and evening, after the Fardh prayers, before sleeping and at general times. Alhamdulillah, establishing these adhkaar can bring 3 main benefits of in your life:

1. Brings You Closer to Allah

Daily adhkaar help you to reaffirm your tawhid daily and keep you close to Allah. They always remind a believer to accept his own weakness and remain in awe of His Lord – whom he always praises and seeks assistance from for every need.

2. Earn You Immeasurable Rewards

By uttering a few yet powerful statements one can amass unimaginable rewards. Reading the Sunnah adhkaar at the prescribed times in the day is an easy deed, which does not take time but can transform your life.

3. Protects You From Evil

The Sunnah adhkaar (in particular, the morning and evening) will protect you from harm, illnesses, anxiety, grief, depression, devils, evil eye and magic. You will get peace and contentment in your life, and have more resolve to deal with difficulties.

Strive to acquire these three benefits, and more this Ramadhan, by reading a copy of Ummah Welfare Trust’s new Daily Adhkaar.

New features of the new  Second Edition

  • A new chapter, called ‘Provisions,’ detailing the best forms of remembering Allah, their explanations and virtues.
  • Additional du’as, along with their translations and virtues.
  • More information from the Sunnah on how to deal with illnesses and afflictions.
  • A larger book size. Now in A6.

Alhamdulillah, a summarised version covering just the Morning and Evening adhkaar has also been produced, as well as a new Ruqyah card to help treat the sick. Brothers and sisters are encouraged to use these publications to establish the Sunnah remembrances in their daily lives, and thereby earn Allah’s protection and success.

A Life with Allah (Al Hayat Ma’a Allah) is a new da’wah project of Ummah Welfare Trust which aims to educate the ummah on how to become ‘the people of Allah.’

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