‘The believers, in their love, mutual kindness, and close ties, are like one body; when any part complains, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever.’ (Sahih Muslim)

Introducing Ummah Welfare Trust

Ummah Welfare Trust is a Pakistan-based relief and development charity, established in 2004. With your help, the organisation supports the impoverished and neglected of across Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir, by providing solutions in areas of nutrition, education, health, shelter and spiritual wellbeing.

This is achieved by:

  • Delivering emergency relief to victims of conflict and natural disasters.
  • Improving access to clean water and sanitation in areas of deprivation.
  • Sponsoring orphans and widows, and ensuring their rights are fulfilled.
  • Constructing Masjids, homes, orphanages and schools.
  • Providing free medical and rehabilitation services.
  • Supporting the provision of free education in poor communities.
  • Initiating new livelihoods for low-income families.


Ummah Welfare Trust works under the guidance of scholars who ensure that the charity’s role as a trustee is always fulfilled. Knowing that we are all ultimately accountable to the Almighty, the charity strives to maintain transparency and accountability.

All donated funds are monitored and reviewed by scholars who ensure Zakah, Sadaqah and Lillah funds are spent correctly.

The charity also has a full and transparent audit trail from the donor to the beneficiary.

Note: Ummah Welfare Trust does not carry out door-to-door collections. The charity advises anyone who receives collectors at their door, claiming to represent this charity, not to give anything and to inform Ummah Welfare Trust immediately.

Please also note that Ummah Welfare Trust always issues a receipt for a donation. Please always ask for a receipt if you hand over any money to a representative, official or otherwise, of Ummah Welfare Trust.

’’ اُمہ ویلفیئر ٹرسٹ پاکستان جذبہِ ایثار اور سخاوت جیسے اسلامی اصولوں پر کاربند رہتے ہوئے دُکھی انسانیت کی بے لوث خدمت میں مصروفِ عمل ہے ‘‘