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The Spiritual Care

Teacher Sponsorship

For The students of Madrasa Rahmania located in village Pabani, district Swabi sponsorship of Qari Israr Shah under Ummah Welfare Trust (Pak) Teacher Sponsorship project turned into a blessing as he is now more focused on the student’s Islamic study-related matters.

Ayaz Zaman who is among his 30 students narrates his feelings “Before the project our teacher was worried about his financial position as his income resources were on the decline while his expenses were growing rapidly forcing him to look for other options including quitting his teaching job and searching something that could allow his family to easily access the basic needs”.

Qari Israr Shah is a well-qualified Islamic Teacher who graduated from a renowned Islamic School of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where he completed his Hifdh course followed by Islamic Education course (Dars-e-Nizami), Qirat, and Tajweed.

Ummah Welfare Trust (Pak) DAWAH project team registered Qari Israr Shah under the Teacher Sponsorship project for Pakistan in 2018 allowing him to pay for his family’s basic needs and concentrate on his student’s daily educational progress.

“I am working as Imam Masjid as well but the salary was not enough to meet my basic needs as the financial vulnerabilities were not allowing me to focus on the student’s educational matters but now the charity provides me with a substantial cash grant through online bank transfer,” says Qari Israr Shah.

470 more Islamic Teachers are reimbursed quarterly across Pakistan allowing them to facilitate thousands of students enrolled at Islamic Schools to complete their Islamic education courses more effectively, Insha’Allah. “We are very happy as our teacher (Qari Israr Shah) is trying his level best to allow us to learn our daily lessons which are allowing us to address our spiritual needs and complete our Islamic education course,” his class students shared their views. 

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