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Future in the Making

Social Protection

The Long illness of Muhammad Abdullah’s father ended on his death on October 19, 2019, leaving behind a marginalized family of 05 to survive on limited resources.

For eleven years old Muhammad Abdullah the initial childcare what was his right as like other children went missing after his father’s death which deprived him of love and care and forced him to live with his grandmother, Raheela Bibi.

“After my husband died, the limited resources and soaring prices made our lives go from bad to worse as we had to skip meals on regular basis”, explained Raheela Bibi, who now receives Cash Support under Ummah Warfare Trust (Pak) Orphan Sponsorship project for Pakistan as her son Muhammad Abdullah was registered in the project in July 2020.

Ummah Welfare Trust (Pak) social protection team registered Muhammad Abdullah under orphan sponsorship project for Pakistan in 2020 for allowing his family to pay for his education and their basic needs.

“Every 3 months the charity provides us with a substantial cash grant through online bank transfer which is Alhamdulillah enough to alleviate our financial suffering as I am able to pay for my children education now with ease and we really appreciate all the support provided by Ummah Welfare Trust (Pak),” says Muhammad Abdullah with a wide grin.

With stipend provision, 1,300 orphans from all over Pakistan are unlocking the door to a bright future for themselves and their families once they are able to complete their education courses. “As the situation deteriorated for the poverty-ridden families, Ummah Welfare Trust remained by the sides of the vulnerable people like us allowing them to regain their lost dignity, views shared by Raheela Bibi, the aged grandmother of Muhammad Abdullah.

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