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‘No one ever eats anything better than that which he earned with his own hands. The Prophet of Allah, Dawud (‘alayhis-salaam), used to eat that which he had earned with his own hands.’

Technical education provides better employment opportunities for youth and helps improve livelihoods opportunities for their families and bring positive changes in the overall socio-economic condition of the community.

Ummah College of Technology was established in 2015 to equip the orphan students with skills to thrive in today’s competitive job market where the college is currently offering various technologies courses (Diploma of Associate Engineering) including civil, electrical, mechanical and petroleum along with short courses surveying, draftsman and CAD, electrician and carpentry etc. as well as one-year diploma in Information Technology inside a single building with highly qualified teaching staff and well-equipped laboratories and workshops.

UWT (Pak) solutions-oriented initiative in form of technical college is targeting vocational training in line with the local market demand as the enrolled students are completing their technical education and training for acquiring market-oriented skill-sets for a better future.

This unique college carries huge Sadaqah Jaariyah for any donor. Support its running costs today by giving your Sadaqah and Lillah.


Orphan students enrolled
at the college


students graduated
from the college
in various technologies


students graduated
from the college
in various short courses

Muhammad Touseef & Muhammad Usama grew up as an orphan studying mechanical and petroleum technology at the centre got 1st position in KP Board of Technical Education.

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