Become Ummah Star’s

In order to involve the school children to support the noble cause of Ummah Welfare Trust Pakistan the school children are invited to join as Ummah Star’s. We hope to engage the children in various humanity assistance activities and allow them to participate in volunteering activities of Ummah Welfare Trust Pakistan.

Rules and Regulations

  • Membership for all students is free of cost.
  • Membership will be allowed to children under age of 15.
  • A Parent or guardian signature is required for membership.
  • The volunteering activities of UWT are by no means compulsory and members have the choice to participate or not.
  • The members are urged to spread awareness about various projects of UWT particularly orphans and disabled children projects and plans visits of family members and friends to the nearby UWT Centers. Besides this helping in organizing the awareness functions in their schools.
  • Ummah Star’s will earn reward points for every activity that they participate in. The top five students earning the maximum reward points will be awarded at the end of the year.
  • In the event that any of the activities require trips to the other locations, permission from parent/guardian will required.
  • Members are open to suggest activities for the benefits of orphans and disabled children.

For any specific queries, please contact:
Public Relations Department
Ummah Welfare Trust Pakistan
G.T Road Soria Khel Nowshera, KPK, Pakistan
Telephone +92 311 9400034, +92 923 630811