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Abdullah bin Abbaas Radiyallahu ‘anhu said:
‘For me to fulfil the necessities of a Muslim family for a month or for a week or for whatever period of time that Allah pleases, is more beloved to me than performing Hajj after Hajj. Buying a utensil for even a Daaniq (one-sixth of a dirham) and giving it to my brother as a gift for the pleasure of Allah is more beloved to me than spending a Dinaar in the path of Allah.’
[Abu Nu’aym]

Widow-headed households has to suffer long-standing hardships as the existing cultural norms restrict them to work outside their homes for earning a living for their families and allow them to live a dignified life.

It is hard work for a widow or single mother anywhere in the world to financially support as well as raise their family. In countries like Pakistan, where government handouts are rare, it becomes almost impossible.

To support the neglected segment of the society, UWT (Pak) Widows Sponsorship project is effectively alleviating the difficulties of sponsored widows of Pakistan by providing financial aid with the help of your kind donations where each sponsored widow receives PKR 6,240 per month to cover basic essentials of her family.

Zakah, Sadaqah, and Lillah can be given for this project.

PKR 6,240 a month

can make a difference for a
widowed mother.


widows given permanent
cash assistance 

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