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‘The best charity (Sadaqah) is giving water (to drink).’
[Musnad Ahmad]

Safe drinking water is recognized as basic human right, as it is indispensable to sustaining healthy lives and fundamental in maintaining the dignity of all human beings.

Fulfilment of the human right to water requires that the services be available, physically accessible, equitably affordable, safe and culturally acceptable.

Availability of acceptable and safe drinking-water in sufficient quantity is essential to sustain a healthy life – for an individual, for a family and for a whole community.

Safe means that the water does not contain harmful microorganisms or substances in concentrations that may make one sick with so-called waterborne diseases, such as diarrhea.

Sufficient means that the amount of water on hand is enough for the daily needs for drinking, food preparation, personal & domestic hygiene.

Making safe water accessible for the poor communities remains one of the biggest goals for Ummah Welfare Trust (Pak).

Alhamdulillah, in the past years, the charity has installed and handed over hand pumps in poor communities across Pakistan allowing benefited communities to have access to clean and sustainable water source for their domestic consumption.


wells constructed in Pakistan
in the past years

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