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“Are you not giving victory and sustenance because of the weak amongst you?” [Sahih Al Bukhari]

Worldwide, 01 in every 10 children has a disability and the proportion is even higher in developing countries and areas with armed conflicts, protracted crises or natural disasters.

Cut off from the world, cut off from their education, play and laughter children with disabilities are perhaps the least serviced community when it comes to providing inclusive, accessible, reliable and safe access to education.

Under Special Educational initiative, UWT (Pak) established Ummah Centre for the Disabled in 2009, an educational facility with the core mission of allowing children with disabilities from poverty-ridden families to regain their mobility and dignity.

Through disability-inclusive intervention, 63 most-deserving children with disabilities from district Rawalpindi and surrounding areas are completing their special education and rehabilitation with a hope for a bright future and an opportunity to pursue their dreams.

This unique center carries huge Sadaqah Jaariyah for any donor. Support its running costs today by giving your Sadaqah and Lillah.


students provided with
special care at UCD

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