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ORSP (7)

‘Have you seen him who denies the (Day of) Judgment? That is the one who repels the orphan and does not encourage feeding the poor.’
[Q 107:1-3]

Every year, inescapable elements steal the childhoods of billions of children (boys & girls) around the world particularly in developing countries with prevalence of severe natural disasters, never-ending conflicts and vicious cycle of poverty.

Around the world, the state of orphan children show a grim picture as they had to face neglect, exploitation and emotional abuse in every community, city and country resulted by the communities they are living and in most cases by their families and care givers compromising their future well-being and development.

Children in developing countries mostly been orphaned by natural disasters and conflicts as they are the least likely to fully experience childhood, a time that should be dedicated to emotional, social and physical development, as well as play.

To provide the required assistance to the disadvantaged orphaned children, UWT (Pak) Orphans Sponsorship project (up to the age of 16 years) is delivering required financial assistance to the sponsored marginalized and neglected orphans of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir providing them better opportunities through vital cash-based support (PKR 5,200 per month) for their educational expenses, regardless of their status and gender.

Transforming a life costs us little but ensures us a place in Paradise inshaAllah. It is a means of continuous charity as the donor receives rewards for all the good that the sponsored child does.

For making regular payments, please download an Orphan Sponsorship form (PDF).

PKR 5,200 a month

being provided to orphan
for their educational support


orphans given permanent
cash assistance in


orphans given permanent
cash assistance in

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