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“No one earns his food better than the one who worked with his hands, and the Prophet of Allah, Dawud (alayhissalaam), earned his food by working with his hands.”
[Sunan Abi Dawud]

Livelihoods and training are some of the best ways for financially vulnerable families to break the cycle of poverty as livelihoods bring income, which brings choice. With limited livelihood opportunities, people have limited choice to buy better foods, pay for schooling, get quality health-care, and invest and earn more money for their families for restoring their lost dignity and self-respect.

Alhamdulillah, under New Livelihoods project, UWT (Pak) had provided a variety of income generation opportunities to help struggling but determined breadwinners from lower-income communities across Pakistan to start their livelihoods and support their economically challenged families.

The New Livelihoods project yielded the desired outcomes as the benefited families are on the path to development and they been freed from making tough choice like engaging themselves in hazardous working, stopping their children from getting access to education, skipping their meals etc.

UWT (Pak) had provided sewing machines & poultry to widows and orphan girls while loaders, rickshaws & donkey carts were provided to poor unemployed persons while retail shops were established for Islamic Teachers and Imam Masjid as well.

At UWT (Pak), Vocational & Islamic Education Centre, young girls from poor families are able to attend vocational training & much-needed Islamic education courses for free.

Vocational Training & Islamic Education Provided










Income Generation schemes are a great source of Sadaqah Jariyah for the donor and lead to innumerable rewards. Many beneficiaries continuously send supplications of forgiveness for those who helped them start again.

Ummah Welfare Trust administers new livelihood programmes in different parts. You can give Zakah, Sadaqah and Lillah this project.


Sewing machines

Income Generation

Donkey Carts

donkey cart

Loaders provided


Poultry Given


Retail Shops Established

IGP Shops (2)

Rickshaws Provided

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