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Emergency Releif1

“The most beloved deed in the sight of Allah after the compulsory acts is bringing happiness to a Muslim.”
[ Tabrani ]

Over the course of two decades, regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir been severely affected by recurring natural disasters like earthquake, floods, droughts etc.

Coupled with human induced emergencies like internal displacement, political and economic instability, conflicts resulting huge fatal and economical loses for already marginalized communities .

Both the elements had created a fragile humanitarian situation on the population such as displacement, destruction of life and property, loss of livelihood and derailment of development initiatives across the regions
leaving behind a trail of devastations and marginalization.

With destroyed homes, disrupted lives and ruined livelihoods, millions of impoverished families across Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir been left with no other option but to make tough choices on regular basis like
skipping a meal, not sending their children to school, not to see a doctor for required health-care and leaving their hometown to seek refuge & protection.

Alhamdulillah, after commencing its relief activities, UWT (Pak) had delivered vital assistance through the emergency relief projects in wake of disasters and human induced emergencies across regions of Pakistan and Kashmir where the implementation of emergency relief projects had assisted hundreds of thousands needy families.

UWT (Pak) is well accustomed to the emergency situations and maintained support to the victims by responding and supporting the affected communities in the 2005 Earthquake, 2008 internal displacement in KPK, 2010 Floods, 2014 temporarily displacement from North Waziristan,  and other disasters & emergencies.


Beneficiaries provided Medical
care in Organized Medical Camps


Beneficiaries are benefited
with Cooked Food


Sets of Non Food Item Provided


Food Aid Provided


Shelters Provided

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