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“Mercy is only removed from the one who is destined from wretchedness.”

Across the developing world up to 80 per cent of health-care is provided through private sector resulting health fees mean that many patients remain trapped in debt and poverty, or remain sick, and even die, through lack of treatment because they are too poor to pay.

For poor kidney patients who suffer from kidney failure, dialysis is an integral part of their daily life as through dialysis sessions the duties of kidneys is performed – filtering waste from the bloodstream.

Regular dialysis sessions allow an individuals to continue to live though their kidneys no longer work adequately where a prolonged lack of dialysis session can ultimately result in death.

Ummah Dialysis Centre, equipped with 09 state-of-the-art dialysis machines and staffed with 08 employees is able to deliver 468 dialysis
sessions per month where the patients specifically prefer Ummah Dialysis Centre for the quality of its treatment and services which is free-of-cost.

Alhamdulillah, through life saving intervention in form of Ummah Dialysis Centre at Bam Khel Swabi, UWT (Pak) is providing free dialysis sessions to poor kidney patients of district Swabi and surrounding areas since June, 2009.

Though not an obvious project for donors, the rewards for helping prolong the life of a fellow Muslim are undoubtedly great.

Zakah, Sadaqah or Lillah can be given for this.

PKR 3,000

for one dialysis session.


installed dialysis


patients given free dialysis
session in the past years

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