Winter Aid

Winter Aid

Winter Aid 2018-2019

As part of a “Warm Winter Solution” for helping the most-vulnerable and neglected communities to get through the winter season this year, UWT (Pak) is aiming to support poor families through Winter Aid Kits distribution during the winter season across pre-selected regions of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir.

Under UWT (Pak) initiated Winter Aid project  UWT (Pak) distributed 18,335 well-proportioned Winter Aid Kits having blankets, winter clothes, Shawls, shoes, socks and winter jackets across needy areas of Afghanistan

Poor and needy communities living in poor living conditions across villages and towns of Kandahar, Panjwayi, Ziari (Southern Region), Ghazni (Central Region) Nangahar (Eastern Region) and Badakhshan (North Eastern Region) of Afghanistan has been included as beneficiaries.


Each Winter aid kit consisted of the below items: