Widow Support

Widow Support

Widows Support

Widow SupportLacking the mobility and access in society that men generally have, widows in Pakistan often struggle to obtain an income or social support. A widow and her orphaned children can end up vulnerable and prone to exploitation.

The Islamic ruling is that after the husband, the responsibility of her assistance and maintenance falls on the son, father, and brother(s) respectively. Failing that, the responsibility falls on the community around her. Failing that, the responsibility is on the Muslim ummah as a whole.

Ummah Welfare Trust makes the honour and dignity of widows a priority in its relief programmes. Currently, hundreds widows in Pakistan and Kashmir are provided with monthly assistance.

You can support a widow and maintain her dignity with Ummah Welfare Trust for just 4,500 PKR a month.

UWT Pakistan provide monthly support to 347 Widows in Pakistan and Kashmir.