Share Your Iftaar

Share Your Iftaar

Share Your Iftaar with the Ummah

Emergency Iftaar Appeal 2017

Alhamdulillah as Ramadhan enters our sights once again. As we begin to prepare for its blessed days once more however, we mustn’t forget the millions across Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir who will receive the month in poverty and hunger.

For this virtuous month of Sha’ban, Ummah Welfare Trust is launching an emergency appeal to ensure that impoverished Muslims in South Asia have enough food for Ramadhan’s blessed days.

Donors can provide one family with a Ramadhan Iftaar pack for just 4,750PKR. This is just 158 PKR for each day of Ramadhan! This small amount can provide family with the enough food staples to enjoy daily Suhoor and Iftaar.

Allah said ‘Spend (in charity) O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.’

{Hadith Qudsi, Bukhari}

Ummah Welfare Trust Pakistan will provide Iftaar packs to poor families across South Asia this year. With your help, thousands of Muslims will receive enough supplies to complete their fasts.

Fortunate are those who use this life to invest in their hereafter, striving for Allah’s eternal grace and favours. With Ramadhan nearly here, let’s aspire to be from them by sharing our Iftaar with the Ummah. Donate for an Iftaar pack today!

Sadaqatul Fitr 2017

You can also donate your Sadqatul Fitr with Ummah Welfare Trust to help poor families on the day of Eid. Just 1,500PKR will bring smiles to a family on the blessed day of Eid.

Eid Gifts

Bring smiles to a forgotten child this Eid. Donate an Eid gift for just 1,500 PKR and show our young brothers and sisters that they’ll never be forgotten.

Iftar Pack

PKR 4750

Eid Gift

PKR 1500

Sadaqatul Fitr

PKR 900