Orphan Sponsorship

Orphan Sponsorship

Orphan Sponsorship

Orphan SponsorshipOf the many vulnerable members of society, orphans are amongst the most helpless. This is particularly the case in Pakistan where there is little social support and social services are inadequate.

Poverty, and the desperation it brings, means that many orphaned children, with a mother and siblings to support, undertake hard labour to survive.

Apart from the full-time care afforded to over 800 orphans at the academy in Nowshera, Ummah Welfare Trust supports almost 2,000 orphans across Pakistan and Kashmir with monthly cash allowances.

Cash grants mitigate the pressures of labour, allowing children to focus on education and staying with their families. Grants are vital if families are to be compensated for their children being removed from work and sent to school. The sponsorship money covers food, education, clothing, and medical care of the child.

Provide an orphan with hope and sponsor one today from just 4,000 PKR a month.

Orphan Sponsorship Guide

  • A feedback report for each orphan is only provided if the full yearly amount is paid.
  • Ummah Welfare Trust reserves the right to raise sponsorship prices if circumstances necessitate. Donors will be informed prior to any monthly price rises.
  • It takes from 4 to 6 weeks for a donor to receive details of his/her sponsored orphan.
  • Annual Progress Reports are sent out between April and July.
  • If a donor wishes to sponsor an orphan by paying monthly, please set up a bank transfer for the specified amount and inform Ummah Welfare Trust as to what the money is intended for.