New Muslim Sponsorship

New Muslim Sponsorship

New Muslim Sponsorship

New Muslim SponsorshipIn Sindh, Pakistan, many impoverished families live as bonded labourers. Due to inheriting debts they are forced by their creditors, who are usually landowners, to work in the fields.

In 2006, Ummah Welfare Trust began liberating these indebted workers. The project, called ‘Slavery to Freedom’, was a huge success, and thousands of families’ debts have since been repaid.

The work has not ended there however. The majority of these freed families were non- Muslims who, upon being freed, have chosen to accept Islam.

A follow-up initiative to the ‘Slavery to Freedom’ project, called the ‘New Muslim Sponsorship’ has now been set up. This scheme provides the children of these freed families with an education.

The education, tailored for both secular and Islamic needs, helps cement the children’s new-found faith and provides them with the knowledge and understanding to live their lives.

You can help educate a new Muslim children for just 2,550 PKR a month.

Currently Ummah Welfare Trust is sponsoring 220 children in Sindh and looking after their education and other needs.