Masjid Construction

Masjid Construction

Masjid Construction

Umm ul Mu’minin A’isha RadhyAllahu ‘anh said:

‘The Messenger of Allah SallAllahu ‘alayhi wasallam commanded us to build masjids in different localities and that they should be kept clean and be perfumed.’

(Sunan Abi Dawud)

The masjid is the heart of a Muslim community. It ensures that the worship of Allah is established, His negligence is removed, and the education of a community takes place.

To help promote piety and righteousness amongst the believers, Ummah Welfare Trust builds and renovates masjids in poor communities across the Pakistan.

You can construct a small or large masjid with Ummah Welfare Trust, and earn much reward.

Size Price
Small 980,500 PKR
Large 1,969,500 PKR

You can donate your Sadaqah and Lillah for a whole masjid, or just a part of it.